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Height Adjustable

Why invest in a Sit Stand? Companies and individuals are spending a bit more for this option because a lot of research has proven that standing for part of your work day has a wide range of health benefits – some of which are listed below.

Setting the TONE for a healthy workplace

Tone and K.Stand are a complete line of sleek height-adjustable tables that respond to the way we work today, delivering user adjustability and ergonomics and the best warranty in the industry.

Setting the Tone for a healthy workplace – Benefits

The ability to stand for part of a work day has been proven in numerous studies to provide many health benefits – reduced absenteeism from better health is a key factor and represents real value. Knoll Tone and K Stand allow the user those benefits plus you get the best warranty in the business (10 year parts and labour for Tone).

More Info on Sit Stand (pdf)