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Our work chairs are designed to encourage movement, creativity and engagement in the office. Our ergonomic seating responds to your movements and the way you work, and uses material advancements to advanced engineering to reduce pressure, maximize comfort and ensure support.


Office Environments

Everyone talks about how work is changing. Let’s talk about what to do about it. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the workplace. Our approach addresses the human needs of employees to improve their wellbeing, fosters a sense of community and connection, and helps organizations navigate, prepare, and design for change.


Work From Home

Working from home is now a reality for many people around the world. Employees who work from home just two days a week miss out on the ergonomic accommodations their office provides 40 percent of their week. As employees settle into a home office, either temporarily or permanently, the benefits of ergonomic products and tools will help keep them healthy, comfortable, and productive.


Healthcare Environments

In the face of accelerating change, you can bring new facilities online faster, brace them to adapt to tomorrow’s needs, and do it all while elevating the experiences of people: caregivers, patients, and their guests.


Education Environments

To create effective and efficient learning environments, you need adaptable, durable furniture that can flex to the task at hand. From lecture halls to active learning classrooms, with our product offering, Avanti can help create dynamic learning environments that enhance the student’s academic experience.


Hospitality Environments

We believe in creating hospitality environments that are transformative and high performing without sacrificing the details.

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