Open Plan Workstation - REFF


Pragmatic Planning for the Whole Office

Inspired by the functionalist vision of the modern masters, Reff Profiles delivers a progressive and architectural design solution for private offices, administrative areas and open plan environments.

Key Benefits

Flexibility and Scalability. Reff Profiles components are scaled and detailed to transition from the private office to open plan workspaces. New enhancements are compatible with previously installed Reff components, ensuring the long-term viability of the furniture investment.

Aesthetic Quality and Diversity. With combinations of wood, glass, aluminum and painted components, Reff Profiles offers a broad range of aesthetic options. Multiple leg styles and pull options enhance the clean lines and simple architectural forms of the case and surface components.

Integrated Technology Support. Power and data cables are managed discretely via grommets, powered grommets, a universal cable curtain, removable modesty panels and open back storage elements.