Open Plan Workstation - Dividends


Office Design for the Dynamic Workplace

Dividends Horizon has the versatility to provide thoughtful primary workspaces for focus work and concentration, inspiring Activity Spaces to encourage teamwork and collaboration, and distinctive private office and conference spaces to support organizational structure and large teams.

Key Benefits

A Robust and Versatile System Solution. Dividends Horizon provides both strength and versatility in all workplace applications. Well-chosen horizons, diverse floor plans and the right combination of modular and freestanding furniture offer clients and designers the freedom to make the most of their workplace.

Architectural Delineation of Space. Dividends Horizon delivers the right balance of concentration and collaboration. Panels provide a sense of privacy, refuge and organization in primary workspaces, while open weave screens and glass elements delineate space between primary and Activity Spaces without blocking light.

Cost Efficiency and Reduced Cost of Ownership. As organizations anticipate and address changes in the workplace, cost is a primary consideration. Dividends Horizon is an open plan system designed to evolve, delivering exceptional initial value and continued efficiency to minimize the total cost of ownership.